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Free Inspection with PM Service!

Quality Checklist

  • Engine Pressure
  • Inspect Oil Pan, Pan Plug, Drain and Inspect Oil
  • Check Transmission Oil Level and Condition
  • Check Differential Oil Level and Condition (Both Drive Axles)
  • Inspect Main and Interaxle Drive Shaft and U-Joints
  • Inspect Center Bearing
  • Install Oil Pan Plug
  • Replace Required Fuel and Oil Filters
  • Lubricate– All Brake Cam Shafts, Slack Adjusters, Driver Shaft U-Joints and Slip Yokes, King Pins, Tie Rod Ends, Steering Knuckles and Drive Links, Spring Sheckles, Shift Tower and Linkage, 5th Wheel Surface and Fittings.
  • Lubricate Clutch and Throw Out Bearing
  • Check Wheel Hub Oilers
  • Fill / Top Off
  • Check Coolant Level
  • General Inspection—Bolts, Powersteering, Reservoir Level, Wiper Blades, Washer Fluid Level, Brake Shoe Thickness, Tire Wear Defects and Coolant Hoses
  • Gauge and Inflate Tractor Tires
  • Check For Leaks at Oil Filters and Plug

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