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Our PM services are the most recommended and acclaimed PM services in Baltimore, Maryland. We follow a comprehensive checklist that ensures that your vehicle is working in the most optimal condition. Our PM Services are comprehensive and cover every aspect of vehicle maintenance and repairs.  Our technicians are the best resource in terms of supreme quality truck and trailer repairs and maintenance.

We offer a free inspection with our PM services. The review gives us a chance to have a detailed overview and inspect the vehicle. This way we get to highlight all aspects of the vehicle that require maintenance and repairs.


Quality Checklist

  • Engine Pressure 
  • Inspect Oil Pan, Pan Plug, Drain and Inspect Oil 
  • Check Transmission Oil Level and Condition 
  • Check Differential Oil Level and Condition (Both Drive Axles) 
  • Inspect Main and Interaxle Drive Shaft and U-Joints 
  • Inspect Center Bearing 
  • Install Oil Pan Plug 
  • Replace Required Fuel and Oil Filters 
  • Lubricate– All Brake Cam Shafts, Slack Adjusters, Driver Shaft U-Joints and Slip Yokes, King Pins, Tie Rod Ends, Steering Knuckles and Drive Links, Spring Sheckles, Shift Tower and Linkage, 5th Wheel Surface and Fittings. 
  • Lubricate Clutch and Throw Out Bearing 
  • Check Wheel Hub Oilers 
  • Fill / Top Off 
  • Check Coolant Level 
  • General Inspection—Bolts, Powersteering, Reservoir Level, Wiper Blades, Washer Fluid Level, Brake Shoe Thickness, Tire Wear Defects and Coolant Hoses
  • Gauge and Inflate Tractor Tires 
  • Check For Leaks at Oil Filters and Plug


Free Inspection with PM Service!

PM Service

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