Warehouse in Baltimore, MD

Our warehouse equipment also works much narrower on aisles than those required by an equilibrium warehouse forklift truck-thus allowing more racking paths (and therefore more goods) to be squeezed into any given area. In addition, it can make the best of the available vertical space. The most extreme example is our very narrow aisle handling system with elevator trucks which work only few million meters wider than they are. The Warehouse in Baltimore, Maryland can solve the problem of the use of nonstandard racking configurations, such as drive-in, two depth or mobile racking, which allow even greater storage densities, subject to operational requirements.

As our power pallet trucks are small and highly maneuverable, regent force are excellent for moving individual pallets or loads at floor level and loading freight vehicles through a loading dock. We offer Regent force in Baltimore, Maryland and any of our stackers even provide the flexibility of raising a charge up to around 6 m in height.


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